bird watching

Bird Watching in South Kerry, especially The Skelligs are a bird paradise. Take a boat trip around The Skelligs and you will spot diminutive storm petrels, also known as "Mother Carey`s Chickens" that dart above the water like swallows. The Skelligs is one of the prime places in Europe for Bird Watching.

Gannets, with savage beaks, imperious eyes and yellow caps are unmistakable, not least because of their wingspans of 107cm. They dive like tridents into the sea and snatch fish from below the water.

Kittiwakes, small dainty sea birds with black tipped wings are easy to see and hear around the covered walkway of Skellig Michael. They winter at sea and then land in the thousands to breed between March and August.

Further up the rock you will see stubby-winged fulmers, with distinctive bony nostrils from which they eject evil smelling green liquid if you get too close.

Black and white guillemots and razor bills are also present.

Look also for the delightful puffins with their multicoloured beaks and waddling gait.

In May the puffins come ashore to lay a solitary egg at the end of a burrow and parent birds can be seen guarding their nests. The puffins stay until the fist or second week in August.

Then there is The Kerry swallow sitting on the telephone wires looking down at the farmers.